Jimmy Stewart And The Yeti Hand Of Pangboche

“The story of how this artifact came to find itself in our museum store reveals the extraordinary lengths people have gone to in order to prove the existence of mythical animals.” —Sam Alberti

In A Nutshell

The Pangboche Hand was a supposed artifact which was found in Nepal and purported to be from the yeti, or Abominable Snowman. Mountain climber Peter Byrne smuggled it out of the country with some help from his friend, famed actor Jimmy Stewart. DNA testing later revealed it to be a human hand, discrediting yet another claim of evidence for the yeti.

The Whole Bushel

Mountain climber Peter Byrne was sent to the Himalayas in search of evidence of the yeti and came across a particular artifact known as the Pangboche Hand. Located in a temple in Nepal, it was said to come from the legendary creature and Byrne wished to get it back to London for testing. (He later described it to Matthew Hill, a BBC reporter: “It looked like a large human hand. It was covered with crusted black, broken skin.”) Byrne left without the hand, but returned a year later and managed to negotiate with the monks, who let him remove one of the fingers, which was 8.9 centimeters (3.5 in) long and 2.5 centimeters (1 in) across at the widest part.

However, smuggling it back to London would prove to be much more difficult, so Byrne turned to his friend, famed American actor Jimmy Stewart. He was vacationing with his wife Gloria in Calcutta at the time, and Byrne traveled to the pair’s hotel. In order to hide the finger, they put the finger inside Gloria’s lingerie case and got out of India without incident. When they got to London’s Heathrow Airport, they discovered a British customs officer had taken their luggage.

Luckily, they were reassured that the British would “never open a lady’s lingerie case,” and it was successfully brought to Professor William Osman Hill, who erroneously claimed it belonged to an ancient hominid. The matter wasn’t settled until 2008, when the Zoological Society of Scotland in Edinburgh ran DNA tests on a sliver of flesh from the finger and confirmed that it was of human origin.

Show Me The Proof

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  • Snide

    Interesting. However, I cannot fathom the existence of either the Yeti or the American Bigfoot.

    • jamezb

      ..Or the Mountain Gorilla. (discovered 1902)

      • Chester

        in the remote Congo jungle, not in 2013 walking around the greater pacific northwest area. In order for bigfoot to have even critically endangered population sizes would be around 800 making it impossible to have stayed hidden and unknown for this long without 1.Corpse evidence 2.Nesting evidence, 3. Reliable video evidence.

        • jamezb

          Who said anything about the Pacific Northwest? Ever been to the Nepalese alps? That is what this article is about, and I assure you that they are not populated, limited in size, or adequately explored to an extent where you or anybody else can make exclusionary statements about what actually is or isn’t living there. Download Google maps.and look at the terrain. See all the cities? No? That’s because there aren’t any. Now look into the local peoples oral and written traditions. They have been seeing something that sounds a lot like a large primate there since before Europe emerged from the Dark Ages. Personally, I agree that a unknown Primate in the Pacific Northwest is unlikely to the point of dismissal, However to state out of hand that one therefore cannot exist elsewhere is hubris and a faulty leap of reasoning.

          • Coocoocuchoo

            You can’t accuse him of Hubris you sound more big-headed than he does.

          • Chester

            So i looked at Google maps i noticed a complete absence of trees and vegetation that would be needed to be able to support and hide an ape as large as a gorilla….let us consider the other great apes live in temperate tropical rainforest and are not found outside of Africa/ south east Asia and subsist on a diet primarily of vegetation what would a yeti eat…snow? Lets also consider the sub zero temperatures, high altitude (lack of oxygen) and limited flaura or fauna to be found in the Himalayas, as well no fossil, carcass or video evidence has ever been found to support any concrete evidence of a “yeti”..Now lets talk about your oral traditions of the Nepalese peoples, granted they talk about a large ape like creature, but Greek cultures which were arguably more advanced both socially and technologically than the Nepalese peoples even 1000 BC, had stories of Zeus throwing lightning bolts, minotaurs and Crackens destroying cities.. So lets leave an ancient peoples oral legends as just that legends..If you look at it from a purely scientific standpoint a yeti is far less plausible than the American Bigfoot.. Lastly lets look at another large predator that lives in sub zero very remote conditions ..The Polar bear, it subsists off a large marine diet, is found in the fossil records and with an estimated global population at about 25,000 is well documented and well known, therefore its reasonable to believe that a great ape the size of a gorilla residing in a similar remote, isolated wilderness would have at least turned up skeletal remains, hell they found an ice man in the alps whod been frozen since 3000BC yet we still have no yeti..

            1.Lack of flora or fauna to prey on
            2. Lack of shelter to keep from freezing in sub zero temperatures

            3.Lack of any carcass evidence

            Means it doesn’t exist.

      • Snide

        The Mountain Gorilla actually exists though, and wasn’t made up by Yokels on Moonshine.

    • rick

      then don’t research the ocean. your head will explode

  • surfenstein

    They’re real I saw them

  • Joseph

    Someone give that man a hand!

  • If u GOOGLE the word “askew” the page will tilt clockwise. GO TO diggdetails..com

    • Valkyrie

      even better google Elmer Fudd…and stop touting your site

  • Valkyrie

    Can you imagine the comment from Jimmys’ wife if her suitcase had been opened explaining that the finger was not some kind of extra large sex toy …. lol