The Founding Fathers Wanted Canada To Be The 14th State

“We’ll explain the appeal of curling to you if you explain the appeal of the National Rifle Association to us.” —Andy Barrie

In A Nutshell

Canada is the butt of a lot of jokes, mostly about being polite in every aspect of life, but the fact is that the USA’s neighbor to the north has long been a tremendous ally and exemplary country. Which is probably why the original Articles of Confederation actually invite Canada to become a part of the US. The Founding Fathers even specified that Canada could skip all the red tape everyone else had to go through.

The Whole Bushel

Canada is known for a lot of things, from maple syrup, to hockey, to moose, to the Royal Mounted Police, to just being plain old nice. But apart from all of those cliches, the Canadians have been such a tremendous ally and friend to the United States over the years that, believe it or not, the original Articles of Confederation included an invitation for Canada to join up as part of the USA.

In fact, the official wording said that Canada would immediately be admitted, no questions asked or strings attached, if they had chosen to accept, making them the only colony to ever get such an offer. The Articles of Confederation said that any other future colony would have to receive approval from nine of the then-13 states to be considered to join the USA.

Now obviously, what we have come to know as Canada looked a lot different and was vastly smaller at the time, which is why the nation was asked to become a single state rather than a series of states. Back then, Canada basically consisted of Quebec and Ontario.

Of course you may be asking yourself why exactly the Founding Fathers wanted Canada to join the United States so badly. Well, it involved more than just being a really friendly neighbor and providing more poutine than you can shake a stick at. There’s a theory that it was actually meant as a defensive move. Some historians believe that with Canada’s strong French ties, it made them a very serious and very dangerous threat to any future independent nation being constructed by the framers of the Constitution.

Whatever the case, Canada obviously turned down the offer of annexation, but it makes you wonder what it would be like if at least that part of Canada had ever become the 14th state. We’re guessing it’d just be a little like having another Minnesota.

Show Me The Proof

The Articles of Confederation: Article XI
The American Historical Review: Canada and the Articles of Confederation

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    The US is better off without that poor excuse for a country.

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      I know right, us prosperous non crippled in debt country is a total piss hole! I mean the lack of smog in our cities/ toxic waste and garbage in our rivers is deplorable. Every night i look over the border into Detroit and sit and wonder what itd be like to live by all those car fires…so magical!. Know what else sucks about Canada our vast resources, beautiful pristine landscapes and our clean drinking water, its total shit yknow! I hate waking up and not having to treat the water i drink out the tap 10 times because its so clean, also hate the fact that we have so many natural resources, i mean it sucks knowing well produce 40% of your oil in the next 10 years, not to mention all those trees mountains and wildlife we Canadians have to deal with on a daily basis..Saw a deer with its young today made me sick to my stomach, hell i fell off my chair and broke my wrist and this crappy country didnt make me pay a cent for that cast, x ray or follow up appointment, and the doctor he was courteous and gave me a follow up call..the nerve of him…

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        That was a humorous answer, however the funniest thing is that Ray is probably reading that and nodding along thinking “I know right, I’m so lucky”

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        that was good chester. i am american myself, but see that over time this benefited both nations. canada is a great country, one of the best in the world to live in. the US would have grown way to fast (we did anyways) and would have collapsed by now.


        You said nothing of the beautiful women

        • Chester

          What do you think i meant by beautiful pristine landscapes?

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        Lack of smog … ever been to Hamilton, ON? Smoggiest city I have ever been to. And it’s just a medium sized city.

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      Another troll. You probably hate Canada purely because of South Park right? How very immature. I love South Park, but to actually hate a country because a cartoon show told you to? That’s more pathetic than the time you waste on trolling people.

  • ElBandito

    ‘ There’s a theory that it was actually meant as a defensive move. Some historians believe that with Canada’s strong French ties, it made them a very serious and very dangerous threat to any future independent nation being constructed by the framers of the Constitution.’

    Plus…uh, George Washington was IN the 7 years war? That war literally ended just 13 years before the American Revolution, and previously the UK, Germany and France were killing each other there for ownership over Canada. It’s one of the reasons why our Founding Fathers had a pretty good knowledge on UK, German and French military tactics and used their weaknesses to win the Revolutionary war. So I’d imagine GW would’ve felt there were still some enemies he may have personally fought against, that were STILL stationed in Canada.

  • Chester

    Glad the Canadian leaders had the clairvoyance to stay away from that deal.

  • Pieman

    Think of it this way. If Canada was a part of the USA, we would of probably lost WW1 and/or WW2 since Americans were so damn slow and lazy and entered the wars late.

    • SuperWeapons

      The reason why they entered the wars late is because they didn’t want to be in them at all. You cant forget that.

      • Kenneth Browning

        Funny how that works. Today when America gets in ither countries business, we’re told how shitty we are. But when it comes to WW2 and helping save their country, it’s because America was lazy and slow.

    • George

      Yeah thank you Canada for sending all 12 of those troops. That is what kept the Germans and Japanese at bay. Without those 12 troops we would be speaking a mixture of German and Japanese by now for sure.

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        That’s all Canada needed to send. The Germans didn’t call us “Stormtroopers” for nothing, y’know.

        • George

          And the US Marines were called Devil Dogs so I guess that is a wash.

          • OhCanada

            It’s widely known that the Germans feared fighting the Canadians above all else. When German troops heard they were fighting the “Storm Troopers” it struck fear into their hearts.

          • George

            I’m sure it is widely known in Canada. It is widely known to the rest of the world that the Germans feared fighting the Soviets above all else. They were barbaric animals to anyone they captured.

          • OhCanada

            I’m talking about WWI here.

          • George

            What I find amusing is that where ever you look, all the Canadians will agree with you. The non-Canadians say either the ANZACS or the Serbs. The Germans called the Canadians “Stormtroopers” and they called the US Marines “Devil Dogs”. So….a wash. But considering that to the Germans “stormtrooper” just meant “assault troops” I am not sure what the significance of that is. The only link on Wikipedia about it is from the government of Canada website that is 404’d. Regardless the consensus is either the Serbs or the ANZAC troops.

          • GO CANADA GO

            Lol cuz we be 2 boss 4 them Germans!!!! ( no racism intended)

      • Kennon Gilson

        Canada had the most troops and next air force in size after the US in WWII.

        • George

          Umm no. They had a little under 800k. The USA and the USSR had almost 13 million. France had 5 million and the UK had 4.5 million. They also had the 4th largest air force.

          My point wasn’t that they didn’t have any troops. My point was all wouldn’t have been lost if Canada hadn’t shown up as the op stated would have probably happened.

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      Heeeeyyyy… I was born in Quebec and Im not a dick

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    Not sure why so many people hate Canada. I would move there in a heartbeat, if I didn’t live in California. Any other state, and I’d be out of here instantly.

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      Only Americans hate Canada. When we travel anywhere else abroad, we always receive one hell of a warm welcome. Just gotta make sure we have some Canadian flags showing somewhere, else they’d think we’re American! And well, I don’t think I need to tell you why that is a bad thing.

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        Scots have the same deal when we travel to mainland Europe. I remember once a market trader in Italy asking if I was English, I said no and that I was Scottish to which he replied “Good, nobody likes them” :0 Quite a common thing.

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  • William Rozario

    Good job Canada on making a smart decision. Now you’re better than USA in almost every aspect.

  • Kennon Gilson

    Since the Constitution was authorized to continue the Articles of Confederation, there is an assumption it can join still.

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    canada is the butt of whose jokes? how can we be? we’ve far less problems than you americans but hold our own in every positive aspect

    • keyserSOZE

      Kind of weird that you focused on that one throwaway line and completely ignored the parts about how Canada has been a tremendous ally and friend to the US, and an exemplary country. Way to go out of your way to try to be insulted.

  • norse of Melbourne

    Very interesting read. Australia also has a clause in it’s Constitution for New Zealand to join and was part of our original proposal for federation in 1901. The Kiwi’s voted unanimously not to. As far as I am aware the offer is still in our constitution.
    In recent years proposals have been argued for a common currency and economy. Again voted down. As for Canada becoming part of the USA. Another reason has been omitted. Trade – Canada had a strong trade alliance with France and Europe, they were rich in resources that the US needed and traded with the US.

    • makka

      Yes, but we currently have about a quarter of New Zealand’s population living here. Sydney is the second largest Kiwi city after Auckland. For better or worse we are a de facto federation.

  • chairde

    Canada is nice but Canadians are just awful. They are boorish, self centered and have no defined culture. It is the second largest country on Earth but has only a few Nobel Prize winners. It’s literature is a pale copy of other countries. It’s treatment of the Métis people is horrible. It is accepted practice among Canadians to beat baby seals to death. Nelson Mandela was banned from entering Canada. The leader of the Canadian military was arrested for being a serial killer and rapist. Canada has large oil and oil sand deposits but no refineries to process the product. Canadians seem unable to build these refineries or build pipelines to their ports. Why? Nobody seems to know the answer.

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