Jeffrey Dahmer Might Have Killed Adam Walsh

“The only motive I had was to completely control a person—a person I found physically attractive. And keep them with me as long as possible, even if it meant just keeping a part of them.” —Jeffrey Dahmer

In A Nutshell

On July 27, 1981, a six-year-old boy named Adam Walsh disappeared from a Sears Department Store in Hollywood, Florida. After an extensive search, his decapitated head was recovered from a Vero Beach, Florida, canal on August 10, 1981. After a long investigation, the police concluded that Adam Walsh was murdered by a drifter named Ottis Toole. However, in 2007, circumstantial evidence surfaced that linked serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer to the case.

The Whole Bushel

One of the most notorious murders in American history is that of Adam Walsh. In the summer of 1981, Walsh was kidnapped from a Sears Store in Hollywood, Florida and murdered. Two weeks after his disappearance, Adam’s head was found in a Vero Beach canal. The official cause of death was asphyxiation, and Adam’s head was the only part of his body ever recovered. In 1983, the story of Adam Walsh was featured in a television film that was watched by 38 million people. His father, John Walsh, became an advocate for victims of violent crimes and hosted the TV show America’s Most Wanted for many years.

Ottis Toole was an American killer that was convicted of six counts of murder. He suffered from mild cognitive delays (IQ of 75) and had a reputation for giving false confessions. In 1976, Toole confessed to killing 108 people with Henry Lee Lucas, but then recanted his statements. On October 21, 1983, Toole confessed to the murder of Adam Walsh, but wasn’t charged in the case due to a lack of evidence. He claimed to have decapitated the boy with a machete and disposed of the body by incinerating it in an old refrigerator. Over a period of several years, Toole confessed to the murder and retracted his claims multiple times. In 2008, with no new evidence, police announced Ottis Toole (died in 1996) as the murderer of Adam Walsh and closed the case.

In 2007, information surfaced that serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was living in Miami Beach at the time of Adam’s murder. In 1991, after Dahmer was arrested in Wisconsin and given a life sentence in Wisconsin and Ohio, two different witnesses came forward and identified him as being in the Sears Store on the day Adam was kidnapped. One man saw Dahmer grab Adam and place him into a blue van. Coincidentally, at the time of the crime, Dahmer worked at a food delivery shop and used a blue van.

During his killing spree, Jeffrey Dahmer’s youngest confirmed victim was a 14-year-old boy. In his pattern of murder, Dahmer would detach the head of his victims (similar to Adam’s death), crush up their bones, and (occasionally) consumed their flesh. His first confirmed victim was from 1978, and Dahmer claimed to have not killed again until 1987. In 1991, he was confronted with the evidence against him in the Adam Walsh case, but denied killing the boy. He was eventually given a life sentence in Ohio. However, had Dahmer been found guilty of murder in Florida, he could have faced the death penalty. On November 28, 1994, Jeffrey Dahmer was beaten to death in prison.

Show Me The Proof

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  • inconspicuous detective

    there are thousands of unsolved murders in america today. nice to see one that actually gets taken care of even after 6 years time. it’s unfortunate we even need to acknowledge that at all but…some people don’t care who they kill.

    • Some Dude

      No shit?

  • Gerry Singer

    Dahmer was arrested, tried, and convicted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was sentenced to 16 life sentences. He was bludgeoned to death, along with another inmate, Jesse Anderson. Here’s a snippet on Mr. Anderson: On April 21, 1992, Anderson stabbed his wife, Barbara E. Anderson, thirty-seven times. After going into a coma, Barbara died from her wounds on April 23. Anderson blamed two African-American men for attacking him and his wife as they left a Milwaukee restaurant, T.G.I. Friday’s, at the Northridge Mall. Anderson presented police with a Los Angeles Clippers basketball cap he claimed to have knocked off the head of one of the assailants. When details of the crime and the cap were made public, a local teenager told police Anderson had purchased the hat from him a few days earlier. Anderson was tried for the murder, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison. Mr. Johnson, get your facts straight.

    • BryanJ

      Cool man. Glad I could read a bit about Jesse Anderson. Not sure what you mean by “get your facts straight?” This article isn’t about him. It is about Dahmer, who might have killed Adam Walsh.

      • Gerry Singer

        You stated he was incarcerated in Ohio.

        • BryanJ

          I see. I didn’t understand what you were questioning. Your right, it should say that he was arrested in Wisconsin and given a life sentence in Wisconsin and Ohio.

    • senile1212

      senile ooooold man. is the only thing you remember, how to be pessimistic?

  • Exiled Phoenix

    This is why it is important to keep your young children in sight. The world is a dangerous and unforgiving place… You must always keep that in mind.

    • Sally Lindsay

      Adam was always in the back of my mind raising my kids. I NEVER let them out of my sight. I looked after OTHER people’s kids because I could not believe how they let them roam and didn’t even pay attention. One man left his 3 year old son down by a lake to go off and look at boats- out of sight! I watched him like a hawk- he was in the water!!

      His dad had been gone for like 15 minutes when he was looking around for “dad” and calling out his name. He started looking scared. I went up to him and said I would help him find his dad. He took my hand ( I CRINGED at the thought that I could of SO very easily walked this kid to my car and took off with him) and led him to dad who had NO clue. I told him he left his son and he was calling for him and scared. He had a dumb clueless expression on his face. I can only imagine what his wife would say if I told her what he did. Off I went- shaking my head at how careless some parents can be. Actually I can tell many stories just like this one. One time in the mall a young child was lost and crying. Like 6 mothers (me included) all gathered around this child until mom finally came about 10 minutes later!!! Help protect other parents kids whenever you can!! Keep an eye out for predators!!!

      • Linda F.

        I’m amazed at how little common sense some parents have. I’m glad you and other people are out there, looking out for these little ones.

  • Emily Pseu Gage

    Ottis Toole claimed to have beheaded Adam Walsh and tossed his head onto the floorboards of his car. Luminol testing revealed a distinct impression of a young boy’s face, clear enough that John Walsh identified the face as Adam’s. The Dahmer connection was considered and dismissed.

    • BryanJ

      That theory was published in a book titled Bringing Adam Home: The Abduction That Changed America and picked up by unreliable magazines such as The Sun. It is by no means fact and just another theory in the mystery of Adam’s death. The theory says that there is a blurry photo in which Adam’s face is allegedly “etched in blood.” It isn’t reliable evidence. The Dahmer theory continues to be as relevant today as it ever was in 2010. Some might consider it dismissed, but others don’t. The police should have bothered to take some DNA evidence from Toole’s blood-spattered car.

      As for John Walsh, he never looked at the pictures:

      I’m not going to look at them,” the elder Walsh noted. “I don’t think any parent wants to do this. They’re good evidence that Toole was the killer, and Joe has every right to write the book. He helped close that case.”
      A case were police are satisfied that Toole is the killer, but he is not officially convicted because there wasn’t enough evidence that he was the killer, or even telling the truth.

      Read the crap from that book:

      The most damning image of them all… which had both haunted and sustained Matthews since the moment it had wavered into focus on his office desk months before, as powerful to him as the Shroud of Turin:

      Traced in the blue glow of Luminol was the outline of a familiar young boy’s face, a negative pressed into floorboard carpeting, eye socket blackened blank cavities, mouth twisted in an oval of pain…

      The glowing blue image pressed into the carpet — the outline of Adam’s face, etched in his own blood — was as stark as any fragment of bone; and the cry that issued from his battered lips was as damning an indictment as anyone might ever hear. Poor Adam, friend Joe, the truth singing to the world at last.

      • Emily Pseu Gage

        I apologized. I watched a documentary on the case but I misremembered some of the facts. The evidence against Toole was far more convincing to me than anything leveled against Dahmer.

        Did Adam’s mother look at the Luminol photo? I feel like one of the parents did, but I’ve been wrong at least once so far.

        • BryanJ

          I hear ya. I’m not sure about Adam’s mom, but if I was a parent in their situation, I wouldn’t want to rehash the pain.

  • Kaydot Mcdiamonds

    Yeah….. I would still marry Jig Saw any day!

  • Hadeskabir

    He was too young to be a Dhamer’s victim.

    • BryanJ

      I’m not buying that argument. Dahmer was a convicted child molester. He prayed on young boys and was a sick f**k. I don’t think he can be ruled out for Adam’s death because the boy was a bit younger than his confirmed victims. The youngest being only 14.

      • Hadeskabir

        Well I don’t think he liked to kill children, only teens matched his taste.

      • Ian Moone

        Adam didn’t fit his MO. He preferred boys in their teens or early twenties.

      • hrg2

        All of his known victims were teens and young adults almost all being minorities.

  • Lizzie Gowers

    This site just loses more and more credibility with each “article” they post.

    • lonelydisco

      Whyever the hell you put “article” in quotation marks is as big a mystery as this case.

      • Whyever the the hell you reply to these long inactive accounts is as big a mystery as whyever the hell you think whyever the hell she puts “article” in quotation marks is as big a mystery as this case.

        • lonelydisco

          For you.

          And Andy. And Lisa. And Arjan. And Jerry.

          • Wait… you’re Lizzie Gowers?!

          • lonelydisco

            Hell, no.

          • You should have said, “yeah, me? No.” Get it?! Because that’s what I think.

  • UN

    in cases like this may long live DEATH PENALTY

  • Unfirth McChuggin

    Ohio? Didn’t Dahmer get busted while living in Wisconsin?

    • BryanJ

      He was arrested in Wisconsin and given a life sentence in Wisconsin and Ohio. It shouldn’t say that he was arrested in Ohio.

      • Gmarie

        When and how does Ohio fit into this? What? I agree that almost all the time a confessed serial killer would admit to all. I’m sure Jeffery Dahmer did not kill poor Adam Walsh. As demented as we all know he was Dahmer most likely did not kill him.

  • Jesslovesbbn

    Jeffrey Dahmer never hid that he murdered anyone. Serial killers see their kills as trophies, if the evidence was brought to Dahmer, then I’m almost 100% certain he would’ve admitted to the killing, if he did it. Not to mention the age of Adam Walsh, Doesn’t match Jeffrey Dahmers pattern at all. As for the witnesses? People will say ANYTHING to get a minute of fame.

    • J_Doe5686

      Totally agree with you. He killed teenagers and young guys he’d find sexually attractive.

    • Joseph

      He might have wanted to keep some a secret to use as leverage to avoid the death penalty in Florida. It’s impossible to know that, but it seems like a good reason at least.

    • 1775DFS

      No that I like bumping 2 year old threads, but JD did not want the death penalty that he would have received for the murder in Florida. Also at one point when questioned about Adams death JD made a comment along the lines of “you know what they do to child killers in here” referencing in prison.

      • rjd72

        Dahmer even said that he wished for death for himself. He was a miserable man who lead a self-proclaimed meaningless life. I doubt that would have changed if he were to receive the death penalty. He was very straightforward when asked about the details of his murders, and when he killed his victims, he went above and beyond to hide the evidence. I mean, melting them down in a barrel in his tiny apartment? Crushing their remains and scattering them in the woods? Keeping quite a bit of their remains to eventually build a shrine in his home? That doesn’t translate at all to Walsh’s head being found in the canal. If Dahmer did it, he wouldn’t have left any proof, he didn’t want to get caught. Also, about what might happen to him by other prisoners if they were to find out about such a thing, he already had child molestation on his record, and many of his victims were under 18, so, again, why would he want to keep just this one victim a secret? He had nothing to lose, and he didn’t spare any details with investigators. To me, it’s pretty clear that Dahmer didn’t commit that particular murder.

  • J_Doe5686

    Jeffrey Dahmer’s story has always intrigued me. All serial killers intrigues the crap out of me. I don’t think that Dahmer did it. He’d killed teenagers and young guys he’d find attractive in a sexual manner.

  • Cat Needham

    There’s always some fuckwit breathlessly keening like some tween girl over the next conspiracy theory. This moron is no different. Same type of idiots speculated about Amanda Knox, and now, the already discredited Jeffrey Dahmer Adam Walsh connection. As exciting as it is, the simplest explanation is the right one. Ottis Toole killed him. Alone. Period. Get a life

  • chucktown

    There’s some really compelling information about the Adam Walsh, Dahmer connection at this link