Monthly Archive: February 2014

The Shockingly Detailed Sex Temples Of India

They’re known as the Khajuraho monuments. In essence, they are temples which were built for the reason that most temples are built: to honor the gods. However, what is most interesting about these temples is their very sexually explicit depictions in statues, art, and even a single, massive phallic symbol. Westerners were shocked upon first finding the monuments, which have now been named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Cats Are Actually Lactose Intolerant

Few species of animal enjoy lactose outside of infancy, and even fewer of those enjoy the lactose of another animal. As common a theme as a cat lapping at a saucer of milk might be, lactose intolerance is the norm for most of any adult mammal. Only humans are found to enjoy the milk of another animal well into their adulthood.

St Patrick’s Finnish Replacement: St Urho

St. Patrick has long been the patron saint of the Irish, said to have driven all the snakes out of Ireland. In the 1950s, Finnish immigrants who had settled in Minnesota were apparently jealous enough of the Irish saint to create their own. St. Urho—who is celebrated on a March 16 feast day—is said to have driven the grape-destroying grasshoppers out of Finland so many years ago.

The Strange Secret Of A Successful Revolution

Try and picture a successful revolution. What do you see? Most likely it is huge mobs of the population taking to the streets, AK-47s in hand, to deliver some rough, vigilante justice. But the reality is very different. According to recent research, peaceful protest by a mere 3.5 percent of the population is enough to topple any government.

Difference Between Paranormal And Supernatural

The terms “paranormal” and “supernatural” are often tossed around to mean the same thing—something we don’t understand. They’re actually two separate terms, though. “Paranormal” refers to something that’s not understood by current scientific knowledge; there’s the potential that something paranormal will someday be explained scientifically, and there’s a likelihood there’s a good, natural explanation for it. “Supernatural” refers to a phenomenon that is beyond our capability to understand, now and simply forever, because it just doesn’t operate under our rules.

Chemical Weapons Got Their Start In Ancient Rome

Use of and the threat of chemical agents used in modern warfare have sent governments worldwide scrambling for a way to regulate the use and possibility of chemical warfare. It’s not a new idea, however, and archaeologists have found evidence that the idea of using poison gas as a weapon dates to about A.D. 256, when it was first used in what is now Syria.

Queen Victoria Somehow Survived 7 Assassination Attempts

Queen Victoria is one of the longest-reigning monarchs of the British Empire, and one that has always been a figurehead for British royalty. Surprisingly, her popularity got a boost each time someone tried to kill her—and that happened seven times during her reign. The first came within months of her taking the throne, and others include attempts by a hunchbacked dwarf and a man who hated the number four as much as he hated the Queen.

The Sickening Vampire Executions Of New England

In the early 1800s in New England, panic was already rife from the apparent infestation of witches in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. However, this panic was extended when a seemingly random outbreak of tuberculosis swept through the populace. As those who contracted the disease suffer slowly wasted away, they spread their blight to those near them. The fear of infection and “consumption” (another name for tuberculosis) turned into rumors that the deceased were waking from their deathbeds and returning to consume those who were still well. This led to rampant paranoia and culminated in the decapitation of long-dead corpses, in a similar manner to that described by classic vampire fiction.