Monthly Archive: August 2014

Germany’s Artificial, Erupting Volcano

When Germany’s prince Leopold III Friedrich Franz went on his coming-of-age tour of Europe, he was absolutely mesmerized by Italy’s Mount Vesuvius. There’s not much in the way of volcanoes in Germany, though, so what’s a crown prince to do? He ended up building his own working volcano, one that fell into disrepair with the toll of the world wars and the Berlin Wall. Now it’s been given new life, though, and “erupts” several times a year.

Where Buddhist Monks Created A Terrifying Hell On Earth

Looking for a fun vacation with the whole family? Well, you probably shouldn’t visit the Thai hell gardens unless you want to give your kids nightmares. Spread out across the country, these bizarre parks are full of tortured souls, angry demons, and enough gore to make Jigsaw nauseous. These terrifying attractions are meant to scare sinners straight by showing them the horrors of hell.

Your Body Is Many Different Ages

How old are you? Whatever you answered, you’ll be glad to know that you’re not 100 percent correct. Researchers have now developed an algorithm that examines the amount of patterning and chemical buildup in DNA, allowing them to get a look at just how old the different tissues in our bodies actually are. For example, if you’re female, your breast tissue is about three years older than the rest of you.

How Agriculture Nearly Destroyed Human Civilization

It’s long been thought that when mankind switched from a nomadic lifestyle to the stability of agriculture, we also experienced something of a blossoming society. Contrary to that belief, though, researchers have found that after an initial upswing in population numbers and community size, the farming lifestyle then brought with it a massive death toll, similar to the numbers of dead seen in some of Europe’s great plagues. Now, it’s thought that man’s inability to farm sustainably originally led to this collapse.

Yellowstone National Park Is Not Bringing The Apocalypse

Many mainstream publications recently posited that Yellowstone National Park, which is effectively situated on top of a supervolcano, might soon erupt in a manner which would destroy America and civilization as we know it. The story was widely covered (because fear is easy to sell), but the real story hasn’t received the same coverage. Analysis of the seismic activity around the area indicates that there will not be any supervolcanic eruptions for hundreds of millennia.

The Monster Leech That Will Crawl Right Up Your Nose

Deep in the Amazon rainforest lives a creature that only grows as long as your pinkie . . . yet it’s one of the most monstrous creatures on the planet. Known as the Tyrannobdella rex, this sharp-toothed beast is a leech with disturbingly large fangs (well, for a leech, anyway). And unfortunately, this Peruvian parasite has a really bad habit of climbing up people’s noses.

The Sinister Reason Cereal Mascots Stare Down At Your Kids

The next time you take your kids shopping, beware. All those mascots on the front of cereal boxes are staring straight at your children. What do those anthropomorphized animals and irritating leprechauns want? Well, they want your kids’ attention, and if they make eye contact, you might just leave the store with a box of cereal you weren’t planning on buying.

The Totally Insane Japanese Truman Show

His name was Nasubi, and he was hungry, naked, and slowly losing his mind. He was also being watched by 16 million people. You see, Nasubi was the star of Japanese TV show, and he was living inside a empty apartment, completely alone and surviving only on sweepstakes prizes, all for a shot at fame.

Mussolini Tried To Abolish Pasta

When Mussolini started his domestic campaign to make Italy a self-sufficient country, he took aim at one of Italy’s most beloved foods—pasta. He raised the fees associated with importing grains and insisted that Italians begin eating rice instead of pasta. He even had the support of the art movement known as the Futurists, who derided pasta as not being modern enough. Needless to say, the campaign didn’t work.