Top 5 Most Disturbing Creatures of Our World

Disturbing Creatures of Our World

We live in a world abundant with a mind boggling variety of animals.

From the West all the way to the East, the sheer diversity of wildlife can be staggering. Every creature is unique in its own right, from their physical characteristics to their behavior. For all the cute and cuddly animals out there, there are some disturbing and terrifying ones as well. Some may look like they have stepped out of a monster movie but in nature; appearance and behavior can be strangely misleading. In nature, the more attractive the appearance, the more deadly it might be. Does that mean that ugly looking creatures are docile? Nope. Most of them are just plain deadly and will easily take you down if you go out of your way to disturb them. Nature is never to be messed with because it is designed perfectly to create balance in the world. Chaos and order struggle against each other constantly and eternally and in between their worlds, we exist. To some the below animals will be downright terrifying while for others they may be cute. But no matter what your perception may be, there is no doubt that all of them look disturbing in some ways.

1) Snakefish – The fish that will give nightmares to Piranhas

The Snakefish is something that indeed came out of a horror movie. Its physical appearance can give nightmares even to those with the most hardened hearts. It is known for having a voracious appetite and can easily take over as the apex predator if left unchecked. What is truly scary about this fish is not the fact that it has razor sharp teeth but that it can actually live on land. It can survive on land for up to three days before it has to go back to the water. They can also grow up to a maximum length of 1 meter and weigh about 6 kilograms once they reach adulthood. In their native environment, there are various predators which can keep these little monsters in check but if they move to a different environment, they can easily wipe out entire species. These guys make Piranhas look like docile cuddly fishes.

Snakefish Disturbing Creatures of Our World

2) Giant Isopod – The alien deep sea bug

Once you enter the vast and remarkable world of the deep sea, you realize that there are a lot of similarities in the life forms we see and what we perceive about alien organisms. This is probably due to the fact that visual artists and concept artists have always looked to the deep sea creatures for inspiration when it comes to science fiction movies. The Giant Isopod is one such creature guaranteed to remind you of an alien life form. Their native habitat is 6000 feet below the ocean’s surface where no light reaches the floor. They feed mostly on dead or decaying organisms underwater but their appearance is certainly something to marvel at. They look like a bug but they’re actually crustaceans that burrow into the sea floor for shelter. Though most of them grow up to sizes of 7.5 to 14 inches in length, some specimens were found that measured at least 2 feet. So these creatures clearly grow to terrifying sizes.

Giant Isopod Disturbing Creatures of Our World

3) Aye Aye –The primate that may terrify or melt your heart

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The Aye Aye is a confusing animal to look at. To some it looks terrifying but to others, it looks cute and cuddly. In their native habitat, the locals believe that they represent the coming of misfortune and so generally kill them on sight. The Malagasy people believe this creature to be magical and that it brings death when it visits their villages. It is not at all dangerous to humans but sadly they often get butchered due to their appearance. The Aye Aye is the world’s largest primate as it grows to nearly 16 inches and sports a 2 foot long bushy tail. There’s one interesting fact about this fascinating creature though, apart from its creepy yellow eyes and bat shaped head. Its middle finger is more than 3 times the length of the others. Perhaps if one escapes getting butchered, it can smugly use it to throw some shade on the ignorant hunters.

Aye Aye Disturbing Creatures of Our World

4) Star Nosed Mole – The remarkable but terrifying alien mole

The Star Nosed Mole is a very unique animal. At first sight, it is guaranteed to shock you because of its famous star shaped snout. It looks like something that was sent here form a distant planet filled with terrifying creatures. But in reality, the very same physical attribute that makes it look terrifying is also a remarkable organ with great potential. Some scientists believe that the star shaped organ can actually detect electric fields and so acts as an antenna for the mole. What we do know is that it is a touch organ that consists of 25,000 minute sensory receptors which helps the mole to navigate through the ground. It may give you nightmares but it is one powerful and efficient organ.

Star Nosed Mole Disturbing Creatures of Our World

5) The Desert Mole Rat – The rodent that cannot feel pain

This is another creature that may either appear terrifying or cute to you depending on your sensibilities. This little rodent is found in East Africa and is well known for its eusocial lifestyle which is fancy in itself. It can easily thrive in harsh environments and has a cold blooded metabolism which is unique for a mammal. What is truly unique about this splendid animal is the fact that its skin lacks pain sensitivity. Mammals have what is called “Substance P” which is a neural transmitter that sends pain signals to the central nervous system. But the Desert Mole Rat doesn’t have it and so it is unable to feel pain. These little critters might be small but make no mistake, they are exceptionally tough. They have a high amount of resistance to tumors and can live in environments with very little oxygen. It also lives up to a ripe old age of 32 years which is unheard of when it comes to rodents.

The Desert Mole Rat Disturbing Creatures of Our World

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