5 Amazing Hydroponic Concepts

Hydroponics is a technique that seems to be reaching maturity within the last few years. To grow plants without dirt in itself is truly amazing, but there are a number of concepts that deserve your attention. Here are 5 amazing hydroponic concepts.

Sundrop Farms

Sundrop Farms in Port Augusta in Australia have been showing the way for hydroponic farming in desert climates. By using desalinated water and using the power of solar power, Sundrop is able to produce 15% of Australia’s tomatoes at one location. Approximately 23,000 mirrors reflect light to a tower that collects the beam and then uses it to heat water which in turn produces power. Countries with access to seawater and hot weather have taken notice of this development, which started in 2016.


Comcrop in Singapore is showing the way towards sustainable farming by developing hydroponic farms on rooftops. This island nation imports 90% of its food supply so obviously it is in a highly precarious strategic situation. What is innovative is the short distance between the farm, market, and consumer. By cutting water consumption by 90%, the hydroponic farm delivers on its promise of making itself environmentally sustainable and a strategic resource at the same time.

Tower Garden

The Tower Garden is a very simple concept that aims to produce big results. By simply stacking the crop vertically a farm can utilize floor space to its maximum potential and thus dramatically increase crop yields. With floor space at a premium in urban farms, this makes perfect sense. It is claimed that the plants need 90% less space and can grow 3 times faster. What is undeniably true is that you can make your own tower with a PVC pipe and a couple of hours of work.

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Aquaponics is when you coordinate the breeding of fish with the farming of vegetables in one looped system. By collecting the waste from fish, the plants have the necessary nutrients to grow. Iron, calcium, and potassium are required by the fish as a supplement. Nitrogen must also be added to the fish tank in order to keep them living as well. This method is a highly efficient system to provide fish and vegetables in a resource-starved market.

GI Grow Rotating Garden

The GI Grow Rotating Garden is another concept that proves that hydroponics is the future when it comes to agriculture. By placing the plants in an O shape around the main light in rows, efficiency returns are markedly increased. These rows of plants are then rotated around the main light, thus saving on energy and space at the same time. It is possible to make your own system if you’re prepared to put in the time and expense.

Whatever your situation there is certainly a hydroponic solution that could provide the best fit for you. It’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on systems that you could construct yourself. A bit of careful research could produce big dividends because hydroponics is moving from the realm of the hobby farmer to mainstream commercial farming. The good news is that you’ll never get your fingers dirty.

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