Mandela Effect: The Phenomenon That Leaves Everyone Confused

Have you ever been in a situation where you remember the occurrence of an event in a particular manner but it is proven false in the documents? If such is the case than even you have experienced the Mandela Effect.

What exactly is this Mandela Effect?

Mandela Effect is the name given to the collective misremembering of an event.

The term ‘Mandela Effect’ was first coined din 2010 when several people falsely remembered Nelson Mandela (an African political leader) as being dead in the ’80s as a prisoner. But to their surprise, he was alive and died as a free man in 2013. People also remembered watching clips of his funeral. Interesting, isn’t it?

Consultant of paranormal activities Fiona Broome was the one to come up with the name “Mandela effect”. She theorized the Mandela effect to be connected to quantum physics in the segment of parallel and alternate realities.

The theory states that within each universe exists an alteration in the occurrence of events and objects. In some instances, these realities meet and change the reality of the objects. These changes lead to memories that might not have happened in our reality but due to the crossing of realities, our timeline gets messed up leading to the condition named “Collective False Memories”.

Another theory states that memory is a piece of information stored in a neuron. Brain, in order to find the link between information, causes minor changes in the knowledge and thus leads to an erroneous interpretation of events. Prior learning creates a framework also known as Schema. The new information is stored within the Schema’s proximity which is updated by the new information and leads to misremembering of events.

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There are several other incidents that support the Mandela effect and we will learn about them bit by bit as we go ahead. Have a look at the incidents and mention in comments which one can you relate to!

  1. People remember a movie named Shazaam and in the 1990s starring Sinbad, the USA based comedian. However, there is no evidence of any such movie. Although, there existed a movie named Kazaam and this might have caused the coincidence.
  2. Most people remember the cartoon as Looney Toons and not Looney Tunes. What do you think about this one? The real name of the cartoon according to the documentation is Looney Tunes.
  3. The movie StarWars has a line that says, “No, I am your father”. But, the majority of people believe it to be called “Luke, I am your father”. What do you think, a simple change in sentence or Mandela effect?
  4. “Mirror, Mirror on the wall” is yet another instance of the Mandela Effect. It has been misremembered throughout the decades and is actually “Magic Mirror on the wall”.
  5. Curious George, the famous monkey character never had a tail. Still, many of us remember the little monkey having a tail.

There are plenty of such incidents and probably can’t be listed all in one place. Tell us about an incident where you felt like you are experiencing the Mandela effect. Let’s see what we get in common.