Top 10 Strangest Inventions in History

Human history is littered with inventions that have served multiple purposes – from saving lives to enhancing our standard of life. At the same time, some mad geniuses have brought to life some pretty weird ideas. Let’s take a look at the strangest inventions in history that are immortal solely because of their bizarre nature. 

1. Tomatan

If any invention had to be at the top of this list of strangest inventions in history, it’s this one. Tomatan is a wearable robot designed to feed you tomatoes. Built with a timer, the robot sits behind your head, held by harnesses and pops the tomatoes in your mouth. 

2. Extreme cigarette holder

Some people love smoking so much that they’d like to smoke multiple cigarettes at once. What makes this invention one of the strangest inventions in history is the fact that with this device, you could smoke an entire packet of cigarettes at once. 

3. Bike-tire as swimming aid

Invented by Italian M. Goventosa de Udine, bike tires as swimming aids definitely looked uncomfortable and dare we say, a little weird. This is definitely the only strangest invention in history that can make the wearer and the onlooker feel awkward at the same time. 

4. Booted rubber boat

Invented in the Netherlands in 1915, booted rubber boats were created to help in fishing and hunting. It had only enough space for one person. Even though it sounds practical in theory, one look at the design and you’ll realize why it falls under the strangest inventions in history. 

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5. Snowstorm mask

Sounds genius, right? Well, it kind of was. The ‘blizzard cone’ was a beak-shaped mask purposed for protecting the wearer’s face from the snow. The strangest invention in history is from Montreal where temperatures often dip below -4°C. 

6. Revolver camera

While a revolver is one of the cruelest inventions in history, the revolver camera definitely classifies for the strangest inventions in history. The inventor modified a Colt 28 and installed a small camera that would take pictures when someone pulled the trigger. 

7. Nose Stylus

This particular invention by Dominic Wilcox has been in the list of strangest inventions in history for a short time only. Lazy people are always looking for easy and effortless ways to do things and the nose stylus eliminates the need for anyone to remove their gloves. 

8. Boyfriend body pillow

Another 21st-century contribution to the strangest inventions in history is this boyfriend’s body pillow. Those looking for companions can find one with this half torso and one arm. 

9. Wooden bathing suits

Spruce Girls’ wooden swimming costumes may have grabbed many eyeballs but that didn’t make this any less worthy of being counted amongst the strangest inventions in history. The aim was to promote the local lumber businesses. 

10. Dimple Maker

Dimpled chins and smiles are extremely desirable. So much so that it gave away to possibly the strangest inventions in history – the Dimple Marker. The hope was to dig into people’s cheekbones and build dimples. Needless to say, it didn’t work all that well. 

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