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Ann Hodges – History’s Only Known Meteorite Victim

In 1954, Ann Hodges was struck by a significantly sized meteor. Fortunately, it only left her with a substantial amount of bruising on the outside of her left thigh, and didn’t lead to any catastrophic injuries. However, the fact that she’s the only human to have ever been hit by a piece of space rock, highlights the slice of bad luck that she was served roughly 63 years ago.

Steve Jobs Bought Pixar To Compete With Apple… What?

In A Nutshell Steve Jobs has become a national treasure and a reflection of love meets consumer products.  For many, Apple is Steve’s greatest accomplishment (rightfully so), but many see his purchase of Pixar in 1985 as a lead footnote...

German Chocalate Cake is Not German

“Welcome, ye shades! ye bowery Thickets hail! / Ye lofty Pines! ye venerable Oaks! / Ye Ashes wild, resounding o’er the steep! / Delicious is your shelter to the soul.” —James Thomson, “The Seasons, Summer” In A Nutshell German Chocolate...

Difference Between Alligators and Crocodiles

A crocodile has a ‘V’ shaped snout while an alligator has a rounded ‘U’ shaped snout. A crocodile’s upper and lower jaws are different sizes so their teeth are always exposed. An alligator has even jaws hiding all but a little of its upper teeth. Crocs and alligators are different colors too: crocodiles are olive-brown and alligators are dark-brown or dark green.