Rosa Parks Wasn’t A Pioneer

“I felt like Sojourner Truth was pushing down on one shoulder and Harriet Tubman was pushing down on the other—saying, ‘Sit down girl!’ I was glued to my seat.” —Claudette Colvin

In A Nutshell

In December 1955, Rosa Parks became a civil rights icon by refusing to submit her bus seat to a white woman. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) became involved, sparking the Montgomery bus boycott and the rise of Martin Luther King Jr. Nine months previous, another woman had also refused her seat on the Montgomery bus line. However, she was 15 years old and pregnant, and the NAACP refused to back her, concerned that her indelicate personal situation might hurt their cause.

The Whole Bushel

Ever since the end of slavery, African Americans were treated as second-class citizens in the United States, subjected to Jim Crow laws, which kept them segregated from whites. Hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan, largely marginalized today, were extremely powerful and vicious, conducting lynchings, bombing churches, and terrorizing innocent people. By the 1950s, tensions had reached a head, with many leaders in the black community preaching a message of civil disobedience—peaceful resistance to the racist status quo. Groups like the NAACP strove for equality.

On December 1, 1955, when African-American Rosa Parks refused to surrender her seat on a Montgomery city bus, the NAACP saw their chance. Parks became one of the darlings of the civil rights movement, the NAACP’s symbol of injustice. Her case led to the Montgomery bus boycott, headed up by rising civil rights advocate Martin Luther King Jr. In the years since, Parks has become an idol, meeting presidents, winning awards, and memorialized with street names all over the country.

But Rosa Parks was hardly the first African-American woman to refuse her seat. Nine months before her historic stand, another Montgomery woman took a stand against discrimination, declining to budge when the bus driver ordered her to give her seat to a white passenger. After proudly opining on her constitutional rights, the woman, Claudette Colvin, was dragged off the bus in handcuffs by the police. It would seem like the perfect platform for the NACCP to make their case. Unfortunately, Colvin was also 15 years old and pregnant by a married man. Such situations were not merely frowned upon in that era, but downright scandalous, and many black leaders gave Colvin’s case a wide berth, fearing it might bring disgrace to their plight.

Although she was left to relative obscurity in favor of Parks, Colvin would go on to have a lasting impact as one of the plaintiffs in the federal court case Browder v. Gayle. On June 13, it was ruled that segregation on buses in Montgomery was unconstitutional. After an appeal, the US Supreme Court upheld the decision on December 17, 1956. Claudette would move to New York afterward and worked in a nursing home for many years, living largely under the radar until very recently.

Show Me The Proof

Claudette Colvin: Biography
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  • Exiled Phoenix

    Read in a southern drawl.
    I say, I say sir…. It is within my belief that, that there Rosa Parks refused to give her seat up for a gentleman of this here south.

    But seriously I think it was a guy she said no to, correct me if I’m wrong.

    • ScepticSid

      She didn’t say no to any particular passenger . The “black” section had a portable sign that was moved further back if the ” white seats” filled up and black people had to vacate their seats and stand or get off the bus .When the bus driver James F Blake moved the sign from the row in front of her to the row behind the seat she was in became “white” and it was the driver who called the police when she refused to move.

      • Exiled Phoenix

        For the sake of historical accuracy, she said no to a guy. First paragraph of this article clearly states she refused to give her seat up to a “White Woman” I just seek to ensure the truth be told…. Lest a conspiracy arise!

        • JtW

          Not sure the two are mutually exclusive. She could say no to the bus driver who was directing her to move so a white woman could sit.

          • Exiled Phoenix

            While probable, it wasn’t written with that mention. Besides Mr. ScepticSid sees it differently. Also Mr.Blake was a polarizing figure following the instance in his own right. He claimed it wasn’t personal and he was just doing his duty and following regulations. Maybe something for a future article.

    • I’cia( ❤ My Falcons)

      You’re right it was a male, the bus driver.

  • Itsrealfunnythat

    Either way she had cojones. She had to have known it might end badly for her.

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  • Alucard_the_last

    Ida B. Wells did this decades earlier except on a train. This happened in Tenn. and the Tenn. Supreme Court deemed segregation in unconstructional. From there it went to the US Supreme Court where segregation was upheld.

  • Scott

    If I can quote Cedric the Entertainer’s character in Barbershop, “Rosa Parks didn’t do nothin’ but sit her black ass on a bus!”

  • I love to learn new things like this as much as the next guy, but you really don’t need an “in your face” title like “Rosa Parks wasnt a pioneer” to have me click on it. “Rosa Parks wasn’t the first” would have been enough. You don’t need to shock and awe people into clicking these articles if they are interesting enough.

    • John End

      Bullshit semantics.

  • surfenstein

    Somebody wants black people to read this