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Chamizal Dispute: The Forgotten Century Long Border Conflict

The Chamizal dispute is a forgotten border conflict between the United States and Mexico concerning 600 acres of land. The dispute lasted about a century and almost caused the assassination of President Taft and Mexico’s President Porfirio Díaz in 1909. The century-long dispute held a lot of twists and turns for both the United States and Mexico.

Naegleria Fowleri, The Brain-eating Amoeba

Naegleria Fowleri, an amoeba that causes a deadly infection, is responsible for the infection and deaths of many swimmers. Survival is so unlikely, the odds against are inconceivable.

donmeh jews

Donmeh Jews

A small secretive Jewish sect has been highly influential in Turkish history since the Ottoman era. Originally claiming to follow the Jewish Messiah, they nominally converted to Islam but kept Jewish traditions in secret.

Porphyria: Disease Of The Walking Dead

Porphyria is a hormone disease that causes sufferers to develop horrifying physical symptoms and light sensitivity. It is believed that severe cases of the little-understood disease gave rise to the legends of vampires and werewolves.

Vomitoriums Had Nothing To Do With Vomit

It’s commonly taught that Ancient Romans had special rooms called Vomitoriums and that said rooms were used for the express purpose of vomiting after a large meal. In actuality, though vomitoriums did exist, they were merely very large corridors commonly found in theaters and public venues, that could facilitate a large number of people passing through them. The word vomitorium was used to describe the spewing out of people rather than their lunch.

Forgotten Horrors: Russia’s Headless Dogs

In the 1930s, Soviet scientist Sergei Brukhonenko embarked on a series of gruesome experiments. Using a device called an ‘autojector’, he and his team managed to keep the body parts of a dog alive after removal, including the head…

Forgotten Horrors: The Human Experiments of Unit 731

During the occupation of China, the Japanese army set up the secretive Unit 731. Behind closed doors doctors infected civilians with plague, subjected them to extreme temperature changes, and had them dissected alive.