How To Tell The Difference Between Diamond And Cubic Zirconia

“There are only diamonds in the whole world, diamonds and perhaps the shabby gift of disillusion.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Diamond as Big as the Ritz

In A Nutshell

While one is obviously naturally formed and the other is a man-made impostor, telling the difference between the two can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The most conclusive way to tell the difference is with an electronic device that reads the stone’s electrical and thermal conductivity, but you can also look at the surface of the stone for any tell-tale scratches (diamonds shouldn’t have any), the color of the stone’s refraction (the light of a diamond will refract gray), and for flaws that will suggest a naturally made stone. Other tests include breathing on the stone, putting it under a black light, and trying to scratch glass with it.

The Whole Bushel

To the naked eye, a diamond and a cubic zirconia can look exactly the same—that’s the idea, after all. But while it’s long been said that a diamond is a girl’s best friend, that’s absolutely never been said about a cubic zirconia. So how can you tell that you’re getting what you pay for?

With recent advances in the manufacture of faux diamonds, this is made a little more difficult. Some of the tests still stand, but as various stones share qualities with diamonds, it’s important to look at more than one aspect of the stone. In fact, some high-quality cubic zirconia can also pass some of these tests (such as the scratch tests) but generally cannot pass all of them.

Diamonds are the hardest naturally-occurring surface; as such, they shouldn’t be able to be scratched easily. That’s the first step. Take a look at the surface of the stone in question: closely. There shouldn’t be any surface scratches on it if it’s a real diamond. Then, try to scratch glass with it. This isn’t a foolproof test, as there are also some fake diamonds that can scratch glass, but it’ll give you a good idea on whether or not you need to keep going.

One of the most time-honored tests used by gemologists is still one of the most effective. Place the stone on a newspaper. Because a real diamond refracts light—a lot—it’s impossible to read letters through it. Many cubic zirconia you’ll be able to make out letters through.

Another easy test is to breathe on the stone. Diamonds don’t retain heat, so they’ll become almost instantly clear again. Cubic zirconia tends to retain heat longer than a diamond and will stay cloudy.

If you have access to a black light, take a look at the diamond beneath it. Real diamonds should turn blue. However, the brighter the blue, the less pure the diamond. Those of extremely high quality will, ironically, fail this test. A cubic zirconia won’t reflect a blue fluorescence.

Also, if you have access to a stone that you’ve already confirmed the properties of, it’s easy to compare weights between cubic zirconia and real diamonds. A cubic zirconia is about 50 percent heavier than a real diamond.

Make sure the stone is clean before conducting any of the tests. If there’s a film or dirt present on the surface of the stone, it can interfere with results.

It’s also important to note that there are two distinctly different types of diamonds. There are those that are formed naturally, beneath the earth, created from carbon dioxide that was subjected to an amazing amount of pressure. There are also diamonds that were made in a laboratory; these diamonds are, in all purposes, diamond. They’re not fakes in the sense that they’re not going to have all the same qualities as a stone made in nature. But if your heart’s set on a diamond that was made in nature, it’s worth asking some more questions about where exactly your stone came from.

Show Me The Proof

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  • Costanza

    even glass can scratch glass; a diamond can scratch a cubic zirconia but it can’t be scratched by it.

  • delta-hb18

    DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to scratch glass with a diamond. Yes, it is true, in general that a diamond will scratch glass, but you can still damage the diamond in the process. What’s the point of verifying the diamond is real if all you also scratch or chip it?

    Just skip the CZ if you can, a great alternative are Moissanite diamonds, an affordable diamond “knock off” that comes from a naturally occurring mineral. Just be aware that to the trained eye, they are easily spotted as fake from across the room (they are “too perfect”) but to the average person, they are totally passable. They are a great alternative to diamonds for anyone who wants the look and quality of genuine diamonds at a lesser cost and without the the potential ethical issues. Moissanite gems are diamonds in every sense, a similar chemical make-up and pressure-induced process, with a hardness rating just below that of a diamond (Moissanite is 9.5 vs diamonds at 10 on the Mohs hardness scale). On a standard heat-conducting diamond tester, they will test as diamonds. The difference is, Moissanite will conduct electricity, and natural diamonds will not, and there are special diamond testers to test for this.

    I am not trying to sell anyone on anything, I don’t work for a jewelry company nor for a retailer of Moissanite, but I used to, and I enjoy educating those who may be interested in knowing what’s out there. Hope this helps someone 🙂

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      I do it to piss off the poor.

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      Rings have been around for a very long time. They represent the love and commitment you have for another person by openly displaying it for everyone to see. Its an open statement that you have no interest in anyone but the one that shares your commitment. The diamond-mostly a gimmick. But a pretty good one at that. Why not choose the clearest and strongest stone we know of to represent the strength of a relationship?

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        Just because something has been around for a long time doesn’t make it right. If it was really that strong of a feeling then you wouldn’t need to prove your love through an object. The feeling itself would be enough. And if the diamond was of such importance why would only the women wear one?

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        • Plenty of men wear diamonds. Of course, in your cave you might not notice them, but out in the real world they are all around.

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      Its symbolism, when I was first married and still kind of happy it was a nice reminder that someone loved me.

      Off topic, I hope everything’s ok and that you come back here regularly 🙂

    • People have been wearing jewelry since there were people. The need to decorate ourselves seems to be an integral part of the human psyche.
      Why does this offend you?
      Do explain.

    • Em

      Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam – Adam Ruins Ever…:

      This is one of my favorite videos. It talks about the history of the diamond industry and how it’s basically a huge sham. I’ve never liked diamonds anyway, so finding out how little value they actually have amuses me.

    • Rachel Stevens

      My boyfriend of 1 year proposed to me today, and let it be known, I chose a beautiful CZ ring set in white gold rather than the diamond ring he was leaning toward. Why? Because to me, the relationship we have is stronger than any diamond. I love the sparkle of CZ, it’s affordable, and I would rather spend the money we saved to take a nice honeymoon. Engagement rings tend to get replaced or updated after a number of years anyway. To me, I’m more interested in finding a good sturdy band that will never come off my finger. Some ladies like to show their status by the jewelry they wear, and there is nothing wrong with that. Others, appreciate beauty without worrying if others will agree.

  • Alex Smith

    You definitely want to be able to tell the difference between real diamonds and Zirconia. Diamonds are one of the hardest naturally-occuring surfce and should be able to scratch easily like the article says. I found this blog post that gives tips and advice on making sure you are able to tell the difference between real diamonds and not. have a read!

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    diamonds dont chip or scratch been working with diamonds for a long time, seen uncut and cut, try hitting a diamond with a hammer

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      Why are you trying to get people to ruin their diamonds? A diamond can shatter through cleaving.

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        Exactly, how do people think they “cut” diamonds before lasers? Striking along their natural cleavage.

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          as with women. lol

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    Diamonds are useless, except some very special scientific /industrial uses. Having a diamond means nothing, beyond a terrible need for material things, and a gloating narcissistic desire to probe ones own wealth. If you need a diamond to feel loved, then you don’t know the first thing about love, and should be avoided by anyone who plans to love and honor their spouse.

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      Diamonds keep Jews happy, what are you, Anti-Semitic?

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        What does my comment have to do with jews? Anti-Semitic, far from it. Good for them, deceiving millions of morons that diamonds are rare and precious, which they are neither. I don’t hate smart people, I hate stupid people, ie. diamond buyers!

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          Jews control the diamond trade and I agree the supply is artificially restricted. But I enjoy a great long con and draining suckers pockets just as much as the next guy.

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    It’s a nice watch!!!!….. and diamonds are fabulous!!!!… but true unconditional love is freely given at no cost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….. whether your ring cost 100,000 or $100. If your husband or fiancé truly loves you and cherishes you for who you really are….. on your good days and bad days…. you should try and cherish them for who they are ……every man and woman enjoys total acceptance from their love…… If money is an issue on choosing a ring for him/her just be open about it and surprise them later in your marriage…… Most people love jewelery.. no matter if it’s given early in the relationship or later.

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    Easy way to tell, burn it with a welding torch. If it burned around 3000°, it was a diamond. If it got above 4000° before burning, it was Zirconium.

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