The Government Is Not Spraying Us From The Sky

“You simply cannot invent any conspiracy theory so ridiculous and obviously satirical that some people somewhere don’t already believe it.” —Robert Anton Wilson,

In A Nutshell

“Chemtrail” is a name given to a stream emanating from aircraft in the air that is believed by many to be a secret chemical spraying program by the government. Although there are many varying reasons as to why we would be sprayed, conspiracy theories are normally confined to three main areas: weather modification, population control, and mass inoculation programs. There is no scientific evidence, however, to support any of these theories.

The Whole Bushel

The scientific community has been studying contrails since as early as 1919 and these trails of condensation are completely normal. These condensation trails occur when a high-powered engine burning jet fuel at a high temperature moves through an area of sky that has low vapor pressure and temperature resulting in a cloud.

As there can be many different air conditions, there can be different types of contrail. Some can stay straight and defined, while others dissipate quickly and form cirrus-like cloud cover.

Studies continue today to find how these man-made clouds impact the environment. It is unknown how contrails will affect the climate over the long term, but it is thought they may modify the balance between sunlight and infrared in the atmosphere and possibly the chemistry of the upper atmosphere.

Theorists claim that several chemical tests revealed that aluminum and barium have been sprayed from the sky. These are now known as the infamous “pond sludge” experiments. In reality, all the tests show is normal levels of the stated chemicals. It was since discovered that the experiments were often very badly performed. Soil and water, or sludge, was tested instead of water and although aluminum and barium were found, they were only present in expected amounts.

Similar phenomena were also recently featured on the SyFy show Joe Rogan Questions Everything. The show featured Mick West, a game programmer, writer, and debunker who currently runs websites including and Being the front-running debunker on chemtrails and weoponized weather, West was brought in by Rogan to witness an experiment that was set up to prove that HAARP, a $30 million high-frequency ionosphere research facility in Gakona, Alaska, was creating (or at least had the ability to create) clouds and manipulate the weather.

Brooks Agnew, the scientist conducting the experiment, claimed that HAARP was heating up the vast layers of the ionosphere which West immediately beat down, saying “It would be as effective as throwing a hot rock into a river.” (The ionosphere is, of course, incredibly huge.)

Agnew continued to showcase his phase array experiment said to show the effect of HAARP. A water vapor–filled box with an electrical array inside was turned on, creating a static charge, and the cloud of water vapor began to rise and dissipate with Agnew insisting that “nothing was getting hot at all.” (Heat would naturally cause these effects on a small scale, but HAARP is known to use only radio waves. Therefore, if the experiment could be done without using heat, it could help prove HAARP’s secret function.)

When the experiment was over, Agnew presented the aluminium array to West to ensure there was no heat present in the box and that all the parts were indeed cool to the touch. West was still unconvinced and when he reached inside the box to feel the base plate, which Agnew did not list as a variable, he did find that it was indeed hot. West had clearly discovered that Agnew’s model was, in fact, heating water molecules in order to skew the experiment. Yet this is not how HAARP works.

Although the full level of HAARP’s research is classified, it is known that it uses high-frequency radio techniques to focus a pencil thin wave at the ionosphere, agitating an infinitesimal percentage of it. There is absolutely no heat present at ground level when it is working—further debunking Agnew’s experiment.

As the US Navy and Airforce helped fund HAARP in the early ’90s, it is thought that the array is more likely researching future developments in radio communications.

However, it is worth noting that weather manipulation known as “cloud seeding” is something that is possible and has been done by the American government. The most notable example of this is Operation Popeye—a cloud seeding operation during the Vietnam War designed to extend the monsoon season and flood the Ho Chi Minh Trail, a support and logistics route used in the war.

Clouds were seeded with silver iodide and the trail was turned to mud over 45 days of rainfall making it impassable.

Show Me The Proof

NASA: The Contrail Education Project
Metabunk: Debunked: Brooks Agnew
Chemtrails 911: Supporting Evidence (site from proponents of chemtrail conspiracy theories)
Weather Control: Project Popeye

  • Nathaniel A.

    Good bushel, I still don’t see how anybody could believe this. It is as the quote says, “ridiculous and obviously satirical”.

    • Dan Valverde

      Agreed. But there are still scientists all over the globe trying to prove it. Even ex-US Airforce whistle blowers! Craziness.

    • Nanny Wolfe

      Yesterday I witnessed one jet contrail blot out the whole sky. Since when does a jet contrail linger and expand hundreds of miles causing total white out? NEVER!! But This is the new norm now. Last year I counted 28 halos around the sun. I have never seen one before 2011 Is this the new norm now? The USA has always had high air traffic does everyone forget? That is a chemtrails blocking everyone’s vital Vit d. Sounds like they want healthy people sick and sick people sicker…. Meanwhile other jets at the same altitude had no contrail. Impossible!!! you do not remember what the skies and clouds used to look like I do. Some of us pay attention to our surroundings ….. Anyone who doubts this needs to watch Watch the Steven Colbert show where he has special guest Geoengineering scientist David Keith on and he states they are using modified commercial jets to spray 20 MILLION TONS of aluminum and sulpheric acid Into the atmosohere all around the globe (and more and more every year) to dim the sun and cool the earth to combat global warming. Just like we are all seeing eh? And notice the winters are getting colder And colder… looks like there experiment are working. He also states that a billionaire can buy a mini ice age. I have not seen the sun for more than 24 hours straight since before 2011. I remember all the time back in the 70, 80 90s having sunshine straight for 2 weeks at a time, those days are gone. What gives anyone the right to take away our sunshine? My Vit D levels were dangerously low according to my dr. He also said he is seeing an epidemic of patients with low Vit d, cancer, and strange flus. He Also says low Vit d causing your immune to crash and other ailments creep in like cancer, super flus
      4 month long colds, sinus infections. Sound familiar? I’m sure we are all sicker then we used to be. Don’t remember a cold that lasted more than a few days. Since 2011 my nose has not stopped running. wake up people. And do your own research since the media won’t touch this. Well they started to then it all stopped.

      • FishLady

        “They” just will not stop. I am not sure why we need to alter an apple so it doesn’t turn brown??? I would rather eat an apple that has turned brown because of the air hitting it versus eating an apple that has been genetically modified. And forget about having potato chips or mashed potatoes again!! Our government is so corrupt and could care less about killing us from the inside out!!! Neither the Republicans, the Democrats or the Tea Party can be trusted – they are all liars, thieves, and believe they are above all of us. All I can say is when Mother Nature calls and we all have to sit down on the toilet I bet they stink too!!!

  • Hillyard

    Not news to anyone that doesn’t wear a tinfoil hat. Good article though, I liked the info about Agnew and West.

    • Dan Valverde

      Thank you for your feedback

    • inconspicuous detective

      know what i don’t understand? why if this is true (this one is directed toward conspiracy theorists) would the government invest so much time and effort into such a difficult, and very odd way to control the population? would it not just be easier to act like the soviets or nazis, and starve, murder, send away, imprison, or just aim their heavy weapons at our faces? c’mon now.

      • Hillyard

        Excellent point. If the government were doing this, I doubt that they would take the time/expense to be so subtle.

      • Mikey Godsey

        But, but…illuminatifreemasonnewworldorder.

        I know exactly what you mean. I’ve told some nuts that myself. We can’t even ship arms to rebels without getting caught, but there’s been a shadowy organization manipulating word affairs for hundreds of years?

        • inconspicuous detective

          to them, that people deny it is ironically exactly the proof they need to fuel the obsession. afterall, they know what’s really going on. if people deny it en masse, that just means that the government really is doing something and it’s working.

        • scyy

          I know this is an old thread but you need to do some reading. There absolutely is conspiracy that goes on between the people in the highest seats of power. Now whether these groups actually go back to the illuminati is completely in question but these things have been written about openly by reputable people. Just read Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley as a starter.

          You’re being fooled by equating all conspiracy with insane ideas which makes you blind to the actual conspiracies that occur and make you brush off everything as “Oh those crazy tinfoil hat people.” It’s an old trick where you use facts but coat it in crazy like reptilians and the like and by doing this you make people that don’t read that far into it throw out the baby with the bath water. I mean the FBI even had an open program going on that did those exact type of things to political dissidents called COINTELPRO. Discredit the idea in the public’s eye and no matter how credible it was and people will just assume it’s wrong because it’s crazy.

          Human history is full of conspiracy and thirst for power since we’ve recorded history, do you really think times have changed in the last hundred years? If so I’ve got a bridge to sell you. You’re a fool if you think the global hegemony that has been coming forth for the last century is all by chance.

      • Micah Duke

        Well, you’re assuming that a simple explanation would sound appealing to a conspiracy theorist. There’s your problem.

  • Rijul Ballal

    Ha! clearly this is another government conspiracy. You’re not fooling me Obama!

    • Hillyard

      Quiet you fool!! You’ll have the NSA on us all.

      • lbatfish

        [Note: Selection of specific NSA cartoon was based on the eerie resemblance to an unnamed KN comments ringleader.]

        • Lisa 39

          We need another word with awesome, i just couldn’t say “suicide is awesome” this morning, i had to think if how ro work awesome in there, i vote for ‘horrible’, “being put in trial for suicide is horrible, especially if you’re still alive”,

  • Passin’ Through

    Is this article debunking a myth that no one believes?

    There have been a few articles like this recently. I’m not impressed.

    • Dan Valverde

      The reason I wrote this article is because of the vast number of people that do believe in chemtrails.

      • bariola

        Do you mean people who remember what a truly blue sky looks like? Do you mean people who don’t deny what they see in the sky every friggin day?

    • Micah Duke

      You can Google “chemtrail” for millions of results. It’s not even just an American conspiracy theory: The people of Cyprus are currently getting worked up about chemtrails. Pretty extreme number of people for something that is literally just water.

      • rincewind

        When they appear here in the UK at Christmas time, I tell the kids that they are trails left by Santa’s sleigh. How can I tell the innocent little darlings the horrible truth?

        • Don’t you mean Hogfather?

        • FishLady

          Just do not let them eat the snow!!!! In fact I do not think I would allow my kids to go out in the snow in today’s world. I am not sure how long spraying has been going on but I know I ate plenty of it back in the 60’s!! I know of some people who look at me like I am crazy when I beg them not to make “SnowCream” and then feed it to their children. I can’t believe we live in a world where we elect the people who are killing us from the inside out!!! Bless your children!

      • Dan Valverde

        Thank you for the link

      • Olly Jenkins

        lots of people believe the stupidest shit – religion for example. Most people are idiots and just because the idiots group together to lick the windows it doesn’t mean the windows a) taste nice or b) have any nutritional value . It just means the idiots have grouped themselves together to do something stupid.

      • Olly Jenkins

        lol you can Google scientology and get 11.9m results, that doesn’t mean it’s true, does it?

    • Joseph

      A lot of people do believe this.

      • Passin’ Through

        A lot of conspiracy theorists maybe, but not the general non-idiotic population.

        • bariola

          The general non-idiotic population? LMAO. A conspiracy, simply put, is when two or more people plan to do something immoral and/or illegal – PERIOD. Conspiracy is a part of the human condition. As well, the CIA created the term “conspiracy theorist” to attack the character of all Americans who did not believe the official story re: the JFK assassination.

          Re: chemtrails, as I said somewhere above, if one is old enough to remember what truly blue skies looked like and the fact that normal contrails dissipate within minutes, it is apparent that what much of what we see in the skies nowadays are not normal contrails. As well, there are many days when, if not for chemtrails, there would be zero clouds in the sky, as chemtrails last for up to 24 hours and spread out into ghastly pseudo-cloud formations.

          A few years ago, a buddy and I watched two planes flying extremely close to one another, going back and forth across the sky until after an hour, the sky was completely blanketed.

          If you were born in the late 80’s/early 90’s, you have never seen a sky without chemtrails. For god sake, it is history that the government used to spray bio-weapons on unsuspecting citizens in the U.S. Why is this such a big stretch for some?

          I know, although the government used to spray us, they no longer do so because politicians have become more moral, right? Yes, the CIA used to conduct mind control experiments on unsuspecting citizens via MK Ultra, but now they are good boys and girls and no longer do this, right? The government lied to us regarding day 2 of the Gulf of Tonkin incident that resulted in amplifying our involvement in Vietnam, resulting in thousands of American casualties and around a million dead Vietnamese (then Sec. of Defense McNamara admitted 3 decades after-the-fact that we went to law based on a lie, sorry, “faulty intelligence”).

          I don’t see conspiracies lurking around every corner, but to discount out-of-hand the possibility that Big Brother is indeed not working in our best interests, to put it lightly, is, at best, naïve.

  • Lisa 39

    I heard a conspiracy theory guy on the radio say that the chemtrails are being put there so we can’t see what the aliens are doing.


      Part A: Mutagen, Part B: Catalyst.

  • ClementinaFennelly

    I have many doubt about the Government spraying us from the sky .

    • This is why it’s called “waking up”. Big government “does not” have our best interest in mind. They do however have “population control” and “big money from cancer” in mind. It’s really disgusting what they are doing to the “entire planet”. There are millions of pictures and videos and hundreds of water and soil tests to confirm chemtrails are real. That conspiracy is now the whole truth. What can be done to stop them, other than rocket launchers, which I don’t have?

  • Pawesl

    When I was a child every time I saw one of those chemtrails I thought it was someones birthday because in movies whenever you saw sky writing it was for special occasions. Obviously not realizing that there are billions of people in the world and everyday is always going to be someones birthday.


      They paint those perfect grid patterns just because they give those of us who are ground bound something interesting to Blog about.

  • Jhale

    How does this disprove anything??? In fact, the last point essentially proves to me that chemtrails are indeed capable of weather manipulation as I feared, why should we consider this as something that is highly irrational and superstitious???

  • Timothy53

    Sometimes you can be so open minded that your brains fall out.

  • Wolf

    Notice how the article doesn’t really debunk anything. No names or dates of people doing the barium testing. The best evidence is Joe Rogan? What about the people who have been fired for merely seeing the tanks on board the planes. What about the pictures of chemicals coming from spray nozzles on the wings and not near the engines? Why are these chemtrails often in crisscross patterns like a checker board? Is the government just making pretty patterns with contrails? The Russian government ( who also has an array like HAARP) published a paper on weather modification and claimed it could be used to clear smog from major cities. How about all the patents on weather modification? Look it up! There are more questions that have to be answered. This is the second article I’ve read on Knowledgenuts. They should call this site Strawmannuts, because misrepresenting a position and then debunking fits that definition.

    • Phuk Yoo

      Geoengineering is not a conspiracy, it’s the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system. Simply put, it is the spraying of chemicals into the air via planes into the atmosphere. Independent testing over the past decade confirms that Chemtrails around the country contain a dangerous and extremely poisonous mix of chemicals that includes: barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers.

      According to those who are responsible for geoengineering, the goal is to reduce global warming. However, many are beginning to seriously question this goal because for a very long time, authorities denied the idea of chemtrails and geoengineering when people started to figure out what was going on.

      Again, geoengineering is no joke, most of these programs are backed by the CIA and NASA, who are supporting the National Academy of Sciences with regards to geoengineering projects.

      • Wolf

        It is a conspiracy if people “conspire” to do this without the consent or knowledge of the public! The very definition of a conspiracy!

  • Justin

    I’d love to believe this is ridiculous ‘ obviously satirical but patents were filed in 2009 for aluminum resistant seeds. & people have collected samples of rain water in jars. Aluminum, Barium & Strontium, and not at “normal levels” – what exactly is a normal level of any heavy metal when they now pervade every part of our lives & world? Throw in some fluoride. You can put your head in the sand. They are monopolizing the worlds food supply. It’s not weather control – they just spray b4 it rains.

  • bariola

    You still dismiss the observational evidence of MILLIONS of people, especially those oldsters like myself who know with absolute 100% certainty that the filling of our skies with “persistent contrails” on a GLOBAL basis, consistently throughout the year on a nearly daily basis is indeed a new phenomenon.

    I don’t know the purpose of this global aerosol spraying program, but our fearless leaders have not asked the public’s permission to dose it or even admitted that it is happening. Then again, this government has blown up nukes in the Van Allen Belt (just to see what would happen), gave our soldiers depleted uranium ammo in Iraq, murdered half a million Iraqi children under both Bush Sr. and Clinton via economic sanctions, has conducted unethical medical experiments on American citizens up until the (at least) the 70’s (as the Church Commission found out), sees nothing wrong with GMO’s (and not telling us what foods are GMO’s and what are not), allows all of the mega-banks free reign to repeatedly launder billions in drug cartel money (not a single CEO has seen a minute in jail) and has supported brutal dictators around the world.

    But yes, anyone who thinks our government is not looking out for our best interests and possibly, might actually try to hurt us, is one of those crazy “conspiracy theorists.” Yes, Big Brother cares about you.


      Perfect geometric patterns which are not ordinary every day flight paths of commercial aircraft. So then if they are not Military aircraft, and they are not Commercial Aircraft flying passengers, then they must be under contract, as charters, to do “something”. Where are the pilots? Perhaps they get paid to shut and spray. I have noticed my aluminum foil helmet is doing less to protect me these days.

      • bariola

        I believe that they use all three. Of course, many commercial jets still emit normal contrails that dissipate within a minute. My best friend and I saw 3 jets flying in very close formation, going back and forth across the sky for an hour, spewing these freaking trails and blanketing the sky. They couldn’t have been commercial jets.

        Supposedly, one pilot did speak about what’s going on, but there’s no way to corroborate his story.

        As for an aluminum foil helmet, isn’t that the first thing that debunkers mention, the “tin-foil hat?”

        • DOJORODA

          Precisely why I mentioned it.

          • FishLady

            When people start to play with what Mother Nature is in charge of and what G-d has created I have a feeling something big is going to happen and I pray that my children, my husband and I will no longer be around when that happens.
            Those who do not believe what is going on in our skies is dangerous, I just hope they know that Government is providing them with their very own Aluminum Oxide, Barium, and Strontium hat – I hope they love the color and the way it fits!! (Sarcasm attached)

        • Donnie Drasko

          Yup, a term coined by the CIA to discredit people questioning the official narrative.

  • Kenneth Oates

    I dont know if planes are sparying this crap now but there are patents for this exact thing. Also the military sparayed these exact chemicals on unknowing citizens and this was over 30 years ago. After reading this I went to google and usedwords “chemtrail patents” and “military spraying chemicals on public”, scary.


      They want us to have white-ish, flavorless tomatoes, and perfectly round, perfectly gorgeous, yet inedible apples. Nothing to see here, just some genetic crop engineering at work.


    This never happened 15-20 years ago. I call BS on this article.

  • SB

    Curious as to what you think of this. Intelligent discussion works better than insults.

  • K Dunn

    Just another nut job Masonic site to keep the masses in ignorance.

  • CJ Hoff

    If cloud seeding is possible (as noted in article), then why do we have a drought in California? Why don’t they fix that?

    • This is only a guess but hear me out. The radiation from Fukishima has now contaminated the entire west coast. If you look at the storm clouds off the coast, they don’t move. This is either an attempt to keep those contaminated clouds and rain out of dry land area or they are forcing Californianls to move out of California now. IMO, California is finished as a result of this nuclear catastrophe. It’s time to buy one of those instruments that measure radiation, for testing all food, wine & beverages that come from California. IMO, Fukishima may have been planned. It’s really bad and could affect many other states, into central USA.

  • Kirk Mannor

    You would have to be a complete idiot to not see what they are doing to us, go get a blood test for high amounts of aluminum or barium, con trails don’t trun on then shot off, this must stop now they are killing the planet, just look at the trees around you, where are all the bees? And monarks, go to our childerns future depends on it, if there fraking, floridating our water, GMOs, what makes you think there not posioning our air, wake up people.

  • Shaun Bishop

    Knowledge nuts ….. And the little acorn of truth in the logo….ahhh ….you must be the official providers of knowledge…how stupid of me to bother having my own opinion….

  • disqus_UTz9mL2FV9

    Yesterday morning, as I sat waiting for a bus in St. George (8:50 am MST), Utah, I watched the skies. Moving from five different directions simultaneously were distinct chem trails that gradually widened across the sky. Their direction and speed were noteworthy. I’ve never seen anything even remotely like that in the skies before. While living in Salt Lake City in 2014, on a clear, bright day at about 9:00 am, I watched as chem trails were laid down. They gradually widened until, by late afternoon, the entire sky was overlaid with a gray, glossy substance blocking the sun. KnowledgeNuts writer is seriously wrong.

  • Tamara

    I am glad to see the comments say that this “debunker” is bunk. Proud to be an awake “Theorist”.

  • What a bunch of crap disinformation! These type of people NEED TO BE INCARCERATED FOR LIFE and have NO COMMUNICATION with the outside world! There is so much proof of toxic chemtrail, NOT CONTRAIL, spraying it is disgusting, a slap in the face of humanity. When the stats are eventually in, despite being hidden from the public as demanded by the renegade globalists, in addition to the strict HIPAA laws they’ve created, someone will eventually find out, there will be hell to pay for causing thousands, if not millions of fatal GBS and Morgellan’s cases, along with other life threatening illnesses. Denying chemtrails is just as bad as Hillary Clinton telling Japan we’d still buy their fish even though the entire Pacific ocean is now at a fatal nuclear radiation contamination level. Sick, sick, evil to the core rotten people! Since we are running out of time, the mind controlled and hard headed people of America are just as guilty for not even trying to wake up and raise awareness of critical life threatening, inhumane, barbaric and just plain evil acts committed by these dirty rotten renegade globalist scoundrels. They will burn in hell for all eternity for all the evil acts they’ve committed and poor innocent people they’ve intentionally murdered and are attempting to murder, even by methods such as Aids and Planned Parenthood. THE WORLD KNOWS WHO YOU ARE AND WE ARE COMING AFTER YOU!!!

  • Spiritus Aeternalis

    A truly convincing article had citations and references to prove what you are saying is realistic and not a bunch of mumbo jumbo, you show neither of these. NEXT!

  • Mary Hollaway

    Obama is trying to convince the world that the record breaking storms, floods, tornados, hurricanes and deadly forest fires are the result of global warming caused by human polution. But we all know that those unmistakably thick white trails emitted from mysterious planes are destroying the ozone layer and poisoning the atmosphere.

  • Gary Farmer

    This article was created to debunk what we are seeing with our own eyes as just nothing important.This means that we don’t have the right to know and they aren’t going to tell. To me this is more proof that our constitutional rights are vanishing. We the people don’t run this country any more.

  • Gary Farmer

    What they would like to say is shutup and do as your told.

  • Myster Edward

    The ‘shills’ are everywhere

  • Jennie Rose

    Its a fact there is aluminum, barium, strontium, and bio toxins in the aerosols that are being sprayed on us. You sir are the ignorant asshole. There is a preponderance of evidence that we’re being sprayed with poison. How do we reduce the amount of evil pus bags like you disemnating lies and running our lives?

  • Lori Ann Thomas Stewart

    The author of this article has obviously never learned about weather modification or control which has been going on since the 40s and is completely oblivious of the U.S. Air Force’s intention to own the weather by 2025.

  • Doggie’s Ade

    I’ve never seen these trails in all my life until the last 10 yrs …and why would people be flying from 7am until dark making these trails …your out of your mind whoever wrote this and I’m not buying this bulls hit … since I walk dogs from morning till night it’s really started to get annoying because I used to love my job because I can enjoy the outdoors. …now I hate going outside because I have to look at that ugly crappie all day ….for the last three months after the whole right side of my neck was the size of a base ball now that’s gone I’ve developed a cough in the morning with WHITE SPUTUM, not brown because I smoke ,not Yellow or green because of a virus but either clear mass amount or pure white …. I find out I have barium in my lungs and aluminum IM SUEING AND WILL SUE MONSANTO TOO!

  • Patrick Mchenry

    Do smoky, yellow-brown “contrails” ( i will not use the other term, as it has been given negative conotations by critics who love to use it) resemble steam shooting from a heated tea-pot spout? Of course not, unless flour or some fine dust is placed in the path of the hot steam. Likewise, jet contrails probably have some fine particulates which cause the opaque trails from horizon to horizon , hundreds of miles, to spread and dim the sun in white haziness. White clouds in a blue sky are superbly beautiful vapor domes molded by winds; jet “contrails” scar the sky with obscene smoky gashes .

  • David

    disinformation. Perpetuating government propoganda. Not one bit of indipendant thought or critical thinking. Just read and regurgitate. Such a weak mind you have. Such fear in your heart. I hope someday you forgive yourself after you finally have the courage realise the harm you’ve done.

  • Phuk Yoo

    This article is the biggest load of BULLSHIT!! Typical gov’t shill paid to say, “Nothing to see hear folks! Everything is perfectly normal, go back to consuming!” Do you actually think that anyone (other than other shills) believe a single word in this farce of an “article” (dare I even call it that)? DO YOU EVEN KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BTWN A CONTRAIL & A CHEMTRAIL?? I’m guessing you haven’t seen the mounting evidence that destroys everything you just lied about – including whistleblower pilots, military personnel, scientists, etc. I can’t believe you people are still trying to sell this BS to the world, “they’re just ‘contrails'”! GTFO!! We know the truth!

  • XOaviator


    Yes you are spot on.
    The governments of the world are in fact spraying.
    Please understand that virtually all nations on Earth are participating for an emergency reason.
    (only a couple of isolated nations are not participating as of now, but are under severe pressure to join)
    It must be kept secret because of the dire health consequences related to the aerosol sprayings,
    because the environmental agencies of the various nations “must not know”, in order being able
    to not undertake any counter-measures.

    For a couple of years (2003-2011) because of the advisory position i held with naval intelligence, i was
    temporarily granted two different medium-level security clearings of which one was issued by the ONI,
    while the other was kinda private type (industrial) DISCO clearance.
    Mainly thanks to the latter, over the course of multiple years, i was able to read through several
    intriguing eyes-only files.
    However, i do no longer feel bound by this plethora of coerced secrecy, even if it is ultimately well-intentioned
    to benefit society as a whole, nor do i condone it any longer.

    So basically: Yes, you are NOT crazy. Your observation as well as your memories are true and valid.
    It is also true, that there were mostly no chemical trails about 20 years ago.

    The information why they are spraying is highly classified, and only revealed on a strict need-to-know basis.
    However in these years i was able at least to get a partial picture of what the true reason of the spraying is.
    Unfortunately i could not obtain ALL the answers, due to the limitations of my security clearance, but know this:
    this global spraying program is the single largest endeavour which mankind has undertaken together and united.
    I have overseen enough classified files to know for sure: the spraying is done for the reason of PROTECTION.
    Now you may ask yourselves, protection from what or whom?
    The answer to this is: protection from our very sun.
    Our suns UV-A, UV-B & UV-C radiation rose completely through the roof in the last 20 years, to the point where it is
    greatly harming and even destroying our biosphere and parts of vegetation and wildlife.
    Look at the amount of sun-burnt leaves you can see in nature, some are more resistant to UV radiation than others, but many plant species which are more vulnerable to UV radiation are dying and fast.
    So the sad thing to understand here is, without panicking, that our sun is completely out of control (!!), and way too bright.

    In order to summarize what i have learnt from the said documents:

    1) They apparently DID SOMETHING TO OUR SUN way back then
    Due to my security clearance being too low, i was not able to access the files containg the information what happened.
    If i had to guess however, i would say it was one of their foolish, childish “let’s see what happens next, if we just…” experiment gone wrong.
    I still recall, i felt the reason for such insanely high restriction of access to this sensitive information was that most of the other participating nations, even our friends & allies should “not know” that we caused this mess in the first place.

    2) Now because our sun has SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGED for the worse, they simply CANNOT STOP SPRAYING and MUST continue to do so, until (or IF EVER) a more sustainable and cheaper fix to the problem is found, which is not impossible but unlikely to happen in our lifetime.

    I hope this gives you at least some insight as to what is happening in our sky and why it is happening.


  • Esmae

    You are not a disinfo agent, oops yes you are.

  • Janine Burke

    I believe in observational science. Guess who’s my guinea pig? ME. My itchy skin, headache, raised blood pressure, hair loss, shortness of breath, cloudy brain, general malaise, and fear of death are always an indicator the trails are right above my house. Not once have I felt these symptoms and looked outside seeing clear blue skies. Regardless what it is, it is OBVIOUS from my eyewitness and from the photo you provided above, there is SOMETHING there, and that something is a by-product of aircraft and that by-product is a pollution made from toxic chemicals.