The Medieval War That Started Over A Bucket

In 1352, Italy was a mess of political agendas and feuding families. The two city-states of Bologna and Modena had been rivals for years. Backed by the Pope and the Roman Emperor respectively…

This Japanese soldier fought WWII for 30 years

Hiroo Onoda was a dedicated Japanese soldier enlisted in WWII. He was sent to the Philippines in 1944 with orders to hold off enemy attacks on the island. His commanding officer ordered him to never surrender or take his own life. He took those words to heart and…

The Hitchhiking Robot Which Failed to Make It Across the US

In July 2015, developers in the US conducted a social experiment, whereby they want to immerse a robot into society. The plan was to send the robot, known as HitchBOT, from Boston all the way across America. However, unfortunately, the trial lasted approximately two-weeks due to a spiteful act of vandalism.

Guédelon Castle – World’s First Modern-day Medieval Castle

Located in an abandoned quarry in Burgundy, France, you’ll find a forest clearing containing a medieval construction site. The task – to build a castle using only period-appropriate building techniques. Construction of the 13th-century castle began in 1997 and is set for completion in 2023.

How A Tree Nearly Sparked WW3 In North Korea

During the Cold War, there were many close encounters with the possibility of World War 3. One of the most bizarre provocations happened in a Demilitarized Zone(DMZ) between North and South Korea…